Following the announcement, MARISSA said her goodbyes and left the house, greeted by Emma and cheers from the crowd.

Emma asked Marissa if she is surprised to be first out: “I don’t think I have enough support out here. I felt like I was underdog since the second I came in. The other members in the house were definitely more known than I was.”

Asked if she wanted to win, Marissa told Emma: “I would have loved to. I got cheap-shotted. The person who put me up, I know he regretted it.”

On her killer nomination, Marissa said: “There was allies in the house. Even if people weren’t friends, there were people who knew of other people. It was easier to target someone you didn’t know.”

Emma quizzed Marissa about Jordan: “He was fun. I wasn’t really taking his actions seriously. I didn’t really know how he felt up until yesterday.”

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On whether she will see Jordan outside of the house, Marissa told Emma: “I’m definitely going to see him on the outside. He’s amazing. He’s a good soul. He’s very animated, he’s full of life. But I love that about him. He’s well-rounded.”

On Chad and Amelia, Marissa said: “I think we created something out of nothing to be honest.”

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Marissa would like Jordan to win.

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