As Big Brother ends and a new Celebrity bunch start their journey in the famous house, we take a look back at those gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans contestants to see where they all are now.

Anna Nolan – Series

We all remember the ex-Nun lesbian from series one. She went on to become a TV presenter, including The Great Irish Bake Off, and is now Head of Development for COCO Television as well as an opinion columnist for The Herald.

Brian Dowling – Series 2

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After winning the second series Brian Dowling returned to be crowned the Ultimate Big Brother contestant in 2010. Since, he has been the face of various UK shows- most recently holding the mic on Big Brother himself. Now presenter of Sitting On A Fortune in Ireland.

 Joshua Rafter – Series 2

Since his five minutes of fame on Big Brother 2 he has been found in next to nothing for various modelling shoots, does his bit for a number of LGBT charities and worked with the NHS on a campaign promoting safe sex. Now he is the managing director of a property company.

Adele Roberts – Series 3

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Adele has continued with the DJ work she was doing when entering the house in series 3. She DJs at festivals, nightclubs and celebrity parties and has just been announced the new host of BBC Radio 1’s early morning show.

Nadia Almada – Series 5

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She cashed in on her success from winning series 5 with various reality shows such as Come Dine With Me and even had a single out A Little Bit Of Action which amazingly reached number 27 in the UK charts. Her popularity altered after appearing in 2010’s Ultimate Big Brother where she came across as a bully. She has stated that the show made her consider suicide.

Daniel Charles Stuart Bryan – Series 5

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Dived back out of the spotlight (which is probably why I personally couldn’t remember him!) to continue his career as a hair stylist.

Kathryn Pinder (Kitten) – Series 5

Famous for portraying the ‘rule breaker’ by getting kicked out of series 5 within the opening week. After leaving the house this persona continued when she attended court for parking fines. She is now living in Australia and active in her local politics. So far she hasn’t been kicked out of Perth too, so that’s something.

Marco Jaye Sabba – Series 5

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Famous in the house for being an annoying whimpering character he hasn’t done much in the spotlight since leaving. He had a part in Little By Little a Broadway production back in 2004 and has been part of Big Brother Panto.

Craig Coates – Series 6

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Known as the ‘bunny boiler’ of series 6 towards the winner Anthony Hutton, he allegedly made a, shall we shall personal, web cam show – maybe he was still thinking of Anthony…

Kemal Shahin, now Zulekya – Series 6

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After leaving series 6 he famously had a 6 month relationship with fellow housemate Kinga Karolczak before having gender reassignment surgery to emerge as Zulekya. With her new female confidence she has released a single Through With Love.

Richard Newman – Series 7

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After having a great friendship in the house with Lea Walker, he has worked with her closely after leaving the show – including The Dick & Dolly Show a segment they developed through his own radio spot on Gaydar Radio. He is now a freelance writer for various gay interest magazines.

Shahbaz Chaudhry – Series 7

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Not much can be said for Shahbaz – he has left the spotlight with a shah-bang. He allegedly suffered nightmares after his appearance on series 7 and tried to sue the shows creators at Endemol.

Tracey Anne Barnard – Series 8

The “Ave It,” contestant of series 8 has stepped out of the spotlight since her time on the show. She didn’t want to enter the celebrity circuit.

Seán O’Kane – Series 8

After having a child with a lesbian couple he has appeared on various parenting and discussion TV shows to talk about his role as a father. He was awarded the Outstanding Passionate Heart award at the People’s Heart Awards 2013.

Charlie Drummond – Series 10

Famous for being part of BB’s first gay couple with fellow housemate Rodrigo Lopes he has recently been sentenced to 21 months in prison after attacking a man. Perhaps his time within the solitary Big Brother walls will help him out.

Lisa Wallace – Series 10

She did a Britney in the house and shaved her head, and has since resided back to her life without a trace. Not even a hair on her head has been seen.

Rodrigo Lopes now Rebekah Shelton – Series 10

After finding the strength to be herself as Rebekah it all went downhill for her. She allegedly couldn’t find any work as her new self. In 2014 she slipped into a coma after being diagnosed with a brain tumour. She is out of hospital now and on the mend.

Mario Mugan – Series 11

He was naked in the house, a lot. Since he has managed to keep his clothes on but that’s about all he’s managed to do. He created a show called Almost: Six Lives, Six Stories and Six Destinies but it never made its debut on screen.

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Thomas O’Connell – Series 12

Since leaving series 12 he has gone back to his work in PR.

Luke Anderson – Series 13

He returned to work in the restaurant he used to work in. In 2012 he told Closer magazine that he was expecting a baby with his wife.

Scott Mason – Series 13

He had a troubling time in series 13 after leaving briefly due to the death of his sister. Since he has kept to himself mainly with the odd appearance in Gay Times Magazine and New Magazine.

Dan Neal – Series 14

Dan Neal met his husband to be Rylan Clark during his time on Big Brother in 2013. They got married in 2015

Christopher Hall – Series 15

Mark and Christopher.
Mark and Christopher.

Emerging from BB 2014 as one of the most likeable housemates he has kept to himself so far apart from the odd interview in Attitude. It is early days though so I’m sure we’ll see more of him in the future.

Mark Byron – Series 15

Since being a contestant on last year’s run he has won the award of Most Stylish Scouser from Juice FM Style Awards.

Chris R Wright – Series 15

Actor Chris, opens up about the idea of sexuality in conversations with fellow housemates. He said, ‘I don’t like the term straight, we‘re all kind of melding now.’ He observes that people between 18-25 aren’t as bothered by sexual labels.

Simon Gross – Series 16

Simon Gross
Channel 5

Simon Gross looks to be a controversial character in this year’s Big Brother. A few people have taken to Twitter with the hashtag #AbusedBySimonGross to discuss their upset at him appearing in the new series.

He also wants to be the first male Margaret Thatcher.

In Winter 2015 he went on to release a Christmas single called Showbiz Christmas…

Adjoa Mensah – Series 16

CREDIT: Channel 5
CREDIT: Channel 5

Adjoa didn’t last long in the house but her cool and calm personality won her a legion of fans – she quietly but confidently came out as gay showing that you don’t always need to explode out of the closet, although the news did shock some of the housemates.

Aaron Frew – Series 16

Aaron Frew
Aaron Frew

Aaron Frew twerked himself into stardom – especially amongst the gay community. He wasn’t afraid to talk sex and twerk, or twerk and talk about sex. It was a good combo. He now works as a model and getting naked on social media.


Andy West – Series 17

Channel 5

In 2015, Andy gained public attention when he made a YouTube video and tweeted about being “ashamed to work for the BBC” for nominating “homophobic and misogynistic” Tyson Fury for Sports Personality of the Year award.

Hughie Maughan – Series 17

Channel 5

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Irishman Hughies bisexual and recently came out to some of his immediate family


Ryan Ruckledge – Series 17

Channel 5

Ryan admits that he loves to get tanning injections. He has them three times a week and uses sunbeds six times a week


Sam Giffen – Series 17

Sam Giffen.


Sam states that he had always been single until January 2015, when he met his first boyfriend. They split after a year due to the long-distance involved.

Raphael “Raph” Korine – Series 18

The 22-year-old is a student at the University of Exeter. He is half American and half Japanese.

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