The two boys in question are 15-year-old Dutch schoolboys who get thrown together when their athletics coach selects them to be part of a 4 man relay team. They seem an unlikely pair of friends at first as Sieger is reserved and a little uptight mainly because of the fact since his mother died, he has to try to keep the peace between his wayward brother and strict father. Marc on the other hand is outgoing and adventurous and lives with his fun-loving family and a younger sister he adores.


The boys bond after practice one day and in an impulsive moment when they are are larking about swimming together in a lake Marc leans forward and kisses Sieger squarely on the mouth. He responses by returning the kiss, but once they are out of water and dressed, he nervously blurts out that he is not gay, before cycling off and leaving a bewildered Marc alone.

Sieger’s old pal Theo, also part of the running team, persuades him to go on a double date with two local girls. When they are out at the fairground together the four of them run into a surprised Marc who is positively shocked and somewhat hurt when Jessica leans forward and gives Sieger a passionate kiss right in front of him.

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This very tender and touching coming of age story about this confused young boy who wants to fit in with the norm of what he thinks is expected of him has some very neat twists and turns and is not as predictable as it seemed at the outset. As he struggles with his sexuality, he is so aware of his father’s disillusionment with his brother that he believes he least should not disappoint him too. On top of this, they all live in a most idyllic corner of the lush Netherlands countryside which is not just a visual treat but somehow evokes memories of more innocent times.

With great performances from the very young cast, this entertaining made-for-TV movie will hopefully get to the wider audience it deserves now it is being released worldwide.