Michelle Visage: Perez Is Setting Our Community Back Fifty Years

Michelle Visage has broken her silence on Perez saying that he has set the gay community back fifty years with his behaviour.

Drag Race Judge, Michelle Visage, has hit out at Perez in a diary room moment, saying that his behaviour is outrageous and that he is setting the LGBT community back 50 years.

During tonight’s episode, Michelle gets emotional and confides with Big Brother that, “What we just witnessed is an outrage” and that Perez “sets our community back fifty years”. Perez is seen in the garden jumping around topless and making sexual noises whilst dry humping the garden furniture, saying, “Oh my God, I just came three times”

She goes on to say, “He’s an embarrassment, I do not want people judging the gay community on this ass.”

In an earlier conversation, she admits that they were never friends in the outside world and he “feigns compassion and love”.

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Earlier in the series, Michelle confronted Perez after he failed to reply to her messages and emails. Michelle said that she was big supporter of Perez until he took a “dark turn” and got big headed. It was around that time that Hilton stopped answering her emails. Perez responded saying that he was a “work in progress”.

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Michelle is up for eviction tonight after Perez chose her to face the public vote, after calling her one of the “mean girls”.

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