Day: 16 January 2015

  • Michelle Visage: Perez Is Setting Our Community Back Fifty Years

    Michelle Visage has broken her silence on Perez saying that he has set the gay community back fifty years with his behaviour. Drag Race Judge, Michelle Visage, has hit out at Perez in a diary room moment, saying that his behaviour is outrageous and that he is setting the LGBT community back 50 years. During […]

  • UK Government Committed To Ending Domestic Violent Crime

    The government is keen to end domestic violence (DV), says a spokesperson for the Home Office, as the future of Broken Rainbow, the UK’s largest DV charity for LGBTs, hangs in the balance. Speaking to THEGAYUK Wendy Wilde, the Service Delivery Manager for Broken Rainbow said, “For our funding not to be renewed or replaced will […]

  • FILM REVIEW | American Sniper

    ★★★★ | American Sniper Add American Sniper to the list of good Clint Eastwood movies. While it’s not his best film ever (see Unforgiven and J. Edgar) nor his worst film (see the recently poorly received Jersey Boys), it’s a loyal and factual re-telling of the true story of Chris Kyle, a member of the […]

  • TV REVIEW | Cucumber, Banana, Tofu

    ★★★★ | Cucumber, Banana, Tofu He’s a clever bugger that Russell T. Bloke – you know the one who is basically is the godfather of Gay TV. Forget Kim Kardashian breaking the internet, Russell T Davies’s Queer As Folk broke terrestrial television with many asses back in 1999 and it looks as though he’s about […]