The government is keen to end domestic violence (DV), says a spokesperson for the Home Office, as the future of Broken Rainbow, the UK’s largest DV charity for LGBTs, hangs in the balance.

Speaking to THEGAYUK Wendy Wilde, the Service Delivery Manager for Broken Rainbow said, “For our funding not to be renewed or replaced will result in the helpline being closed down.

“We’ve supported over five thousand people this year and if we were to close there are very few other services for them to go to and not one that offers national support in the way we do.”


When pushed for comment the Home Office issued a statement saying, “Domestic violence and abuse is an appalling crime that this government is committed to ending.

“The government recognises the important role that the Broken Rainbow helpline plays in supporting LGBT victims of domestic violence and abuse, which is why we have provided the helpline with funding of £120,000 in the last financial year.

“Decisions on ongoing funding for 2015/16 are being carefully considered and will be announced shortly.”


In May last year it emerged that members of the LGBT community are more than twice as likely to have
experienced domestic abuse in the past year compared to those in heterosexual relationships, and almost half of victims say that they didn’t know where to turn for support. When questioned, 45 per cent of LGBT respondents from the 2013 ROAR study on domestic violence and abuse said that they didn’t seek help for fear that they wouldn’t be taken seriously.

Baroness Barker who came out in 2013 said, “Broken Rainbow has a great record of helping the most vulnerable members of our community to escape and avoid domestic violence. The value of Broken Rainbow’s work is immense, not least the amount of harm which it prevents. Fundraising for such a difficult subject is tough, but I hope that resources can be found to keep this uniquely effective service going.”

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If you are affected by the issues raised in this article please phone Broken Rainbow on: 0300 999 5428 or visit their website

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