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MP Kate Hoey blasted over “supporting the suppression of journalism”

The MP for Vauxhall, Kate Hoey has come under fire for a tweet in which she suggests that an alleged ban on Channel 4 news at political events is a “sensible decision”.

Kate Hoey, the MP for Vauxhall and ardent Brexiteer, despite the majority (over 77 per cent) of her constituency voting remain in the 2016 EU Referendum, has been blasted for a tweet in which she appears to suggest that banning a mainstream broadcaster from attending a political rally was a “sensible idea”.

In a reply to a claim that Channel 4 News had been banned from future Brexit Party events, the MP wrote, “As Never Ever has said anything positive about Leaving the EU this sounds a sensible decision”


The tweet comes off the back off a tweet from Paul Waugh, HuffPost’s executive editor of politics, in which he reveals that he’s heard that the Brexit Party has banned Channel 4 from attending all future events hosted by the party, who counts Ann Widdecombe as one of its star players.


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The journalist Patrick Strudwick was quick to comment on the tweet saying, “A member of parliament supporting the suppression of journalism – essential for democracy. This is astonishing.”


Others were quick to suggest that Hoey was in the wrong, with one adding, “An MP supporting the suppression of journalism? You really should be ashamed of yourself” while another commented, “Censorship is, of course, one of the key weapons of the hard right with which Ms Hoey seems to be more and.more a fellow traveller. How is she still pretending to be a Labour MP?”



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