As STI infections soar in gay and bisexual men across the UK, a poll released by GMFA shows that a staggering 39 per cent of gay and bisexual men are having unprotected sex.




Nearly 40 per cent of gay and bisexual men are having unprotected anal sex the majority of the time. A poll by GMFA has revealed that condom usage has “slipped back” since the early days of HIV and the height of the AIDS epidemic.

Of the 40 per cent that have unprotected sex 49 per cent of them identified their relationship status as single, dating or in an open relationship.

Despite the lack of protection nearly half of those surveyed also stated that they do in fact worry about STI infections and becoming infected with HIV.


Matthew Hodson [outgoing CEO] of GMFA said,

“Condom use has slipped back a little since the early days of HIV, partly because HIV is no longer a death sentence, and partly because we’re not seeing the same investment in sexual health that we saw a decade ago. With resources deployed to promote condoms and sexual health, encourage testing, challenge stigma, ensure that all gay men are well educated about HIV prevention and PrEP provided, we could end HIV within a generation.”

The latest issue of GMFA’s FS examines the current state of sexual health of gay and bi men in the UK. According to the editor, Issue 155 takes an honest look at how much unprotected sex they are actually having, and asks the question: do we need to rethink HIV prevention?

Ian Howley, [incoming Interim CEO] of GMFA believes that relationship status has to be taken into account,

“We know that the majority of gay and bisexual men use condoms some of the time. There is an idea out there that everyone doesn’t use condoms, and for a lot of people who responded to this survey this is the case. But many of these men are in long term relationships, or are married/civil partnered or said they were in a monogamous relationship. When you look at these stats, it’s only a small percentage of gay men, who are having lots of unprotected anal sex, who are at a high level of risk.”



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