Apparently one in three straight people have fantasized about having a gay fling.

CREDIT: Wavebreak Media Ltd bigstock
CREDIT: Wavebreak Media Ltd bigstock

According to a new poll, one in three heterosexual people have fantasized about having a same-sex fling or hook up. The survey which was created by dating website asked 100 people who consider themselves as straight if they’d consider having a relationship with a same-sex partner.

The website launched this month and the is the only site which is exclusively targeted at bi-curious dating in the UK


Women, in general, were more open to the idea of having a same-sex relationship with 41 per cent saying they’d be open to the idea of experimenting with another woman. The men questioned, however were a little more reserved. Nearly a quarter of men polled in the survey said they’d be ready for the plunge.

All mouth no trousers…

Only one in six said they’d actually do anything about it. Seventeen per cent of women and 14 per cent of men said they’d actually do something about their fantasy.

Founder of the site Tara Gordon says,

“The survey shows that there being heterosexual isn’t absolute. There are lots of people open to experimenting, who would never openly come out as gay or bisexual. In real life the gay scene can be intimidating if you are new to it, so this site gives people the opportunity to experiment and go at their own pace.”


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The question is would you have a fling with someone who identified as heterosexual?

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