...I’ve done a lot of things on TV!

It’s been a little while since the hunky Celebrity Big Brother star Austin Armacost has been on our screens, but today he shared the moment he’s proudest of.

Back in 2015, during the star’s first stint on CBB, Austin was overwhelmed by fellow contestant, Gail Porter’s story about her hair loss.

So moved, he actually shaved his hair off in an act of solidarity.

At the time Gail asked, if anyone would shave their hair off. Austin told her, “Gail, I would be honoured for you to shave my head. You are the most amazing person with or without hair.”

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In a Twitter post, Austin said of all of his appearances this was his favourite, saying “5 years ago today… I’ve done a lot of things on TV: funny, dramatic, intense, argumentative… but this moment of compassion is one I’m most proud of!”