Reality Prince Austin Armacost has shaved his head to show solidarity with presenter Gail Porter.

Celebrity Big Brother’s Austin Armacost has shaved his head in an act of solidarity for Gail Porter who emotionally admits her confidence has taken a knocking because of her hair loss. In 2005 Porter developed alopecia totalis, losing all her hair.

In a conversation in the garden Gail said,

“I feel extremely ugly. I’ve dealt with no hair for a long time. Sometimes I don’t feel so pretty.”

The out reality star responds,

“some women here are gorgeous. Within 20 secs of knowing these women, they’re awful…you’re the most strong, independent woman I’ve known. You are an amazing human being.”

Natasha adds,

“you are the most amazing person, my best friend in here.”

Gail asks if anyone would shave their hair off. Austin tells her, “Gail, I would be honoured for you to shave my head. You are the most amazing person with or without hair.”

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Gail emotionally shaves his hair off while Austin tells her,

“I don’t give a sh*t what people think. You are the most awesome human being. This is how important hair is Gail…this is something that’s not important. I don’t give a sh*t because you’re the same person you are without hair. I’m the same person I was when I had hair.”

Later in the diary room Austin admits how important his hair is to him saying,

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“Gail is such an amazingly strong person. If I can do this for two weeks, three weeks, two days, however long I’m here. My hair is so important to me. I don’t give a sh*t. But if this is something that makes her happy.”

He cries,

“my husband is going to love me when I come out this house.”

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