Only 40 per cent of gay men will attend a pride in 2019

Only 40 per cent of gay men will attend a pride in 2019

According to a new survey, only 40 per cent of gay men will attend one of the UK’s 150+ prides this year.

New research from online-dating specialist Gaydar, has revealed that while the UK’s LGBT+ community is planning a big summer of Pride celebrations, not everyone is feeling included.

Over 500 people completed Gaydar’s survey. While many respondents were excited about being part of Pride celebrations, having their voice heard, and playing their part in ensuring LGBT+ visibility, 32% of respondents have decided that they won’t be attending a Pride event this year, and a further 28% have not yet decided.

Barriers to attendance identified by the survey included – geography, cost, age, disability, not feeling included, or having no interest or connection to Pride events. A number of respondents felt that Pride events have become over-commercialised, or that they don’t represent who they are.

Over 150 different Pride celebrations will be held across the UK in 2019.


While some of the biggest events will be held in cities such as London, Brighton, Manchester, and Birmingham, survey respondents confirmed that they will also be enthusiastically supporting local events in their hometowns.

“This is going to be a big year for Pride…” said John Edwards, Managing Director of Gaydar. “It’s the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, which is a major milestone for our community. This year, Gaydar will also be celebrating our 20th anniversary. Plus, it’s been a particularly political year here in the UK – I’m sure that will also be reflected in our Pride marches.”

Survey respondents were asked to indicate the key issues that they were passionate about and keen to see addressed in Pride marches.

Issues identified included – a need for more inclusion, Trans rights, anti-discrimination protections, equality, highlighting those countries where homosexuality is illegal, support for older LGBT+ people, HIV stigma, and climate change. Also, quite a lot of respondents feel that Pride should not be addressing social or political issues, or that they have no personal interest in any social or political issues.

“Gaydar has a long tradition of supporting and being part of Pride events across the UK and around the world…” said John Edwards. “We’re excited that as we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we’re going to be helping LGBTQ communities across the UK to celebrate Pride, tocelebrate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, and work towards creating a better future for LGBTQ people around the world.”