Over 80 per cent of LGBT+ people don’t feel they can hold their partner’s hand in public

It appears that the vast majority of LGBT+ people in the UK feel uncomfortable holding the hands of their same-sex partner in the UK.

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THEGAYUK.com conducted a flash poll on social media, asking 200 people from the LGBT+ community whether they felt they could hold the hand of their same-sex partner, where opposite-sex partners could and would hold theirs – and the results are staggering.

Over 80 per cent (85%) of those who answered the poll said that they didn’t feel they could hold their same-sex partner’s hand in public in the UK. Only 15 per cent of those who answered said they would feel comfortable.

Speaking about the findings, editor of THEGAYUK.com, Jake Hook said,  “What this poll shows is very troubling. Despite LGBT+ people having almost equal legal rights in the UK, our community still don’t feel that we’re societally equal.

“Gay and bisexual men and women should be able to walk down any street in the UK, where their straight counterparts hold hands and feel that they can do the same without ridicule, attack or comment”.

Percieved safety is getting worse

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Seemingly the LGBT+ community is getting more wary of showing public displays of affection on the streets of the UK. In 2018 only 41% said they wouldn’t feel they could hold hands with their partner and in 2016 that figure was 23%.

THEGAYUK.com asked a similar question in October 2018 we asked whether LGBT+ people were comfortable holding hands, 41 per cent said no – 22 per cent were unsure and 37 per cent said they were comfortable holding hands.

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In December 2016 – where we asked 166 people if they felt they could hold their partner’s hand in a supermarket. Only 30 percent of people said that felt they wouldn’t be able to, where as 23 per cent admited that they already did hold their partner’s hand in public.

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