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STYLE ADVICE | What are the best brow products for ginger guys?

If you’re a blonde or ginger guys you’ve probably got questions about the right products for you, as well as what products will protect your skin. Worry no more, our style and grooming expert Thomas Swallow is on hand to help.

What are the best brow products for gingers?

Being a blond guy, I can totally relate to this problem. Unless you have brown/black hair, most brown products tend to be on the golden or warm side of the colour spectrum. So it’s so much harder to colour match a product to your brows if your hair is of a lighter hue.

Ideally here you’re wanting to define your brows but not make them mismatched to the rest of your hair. For most gingers/redheads, I would recommend opting for an auburn shade. This isn’t going to be a perfect match every time but it will get you on the right track. So depending on your natural brows being either blondish, reddish or brown, you can see which product works best for you.

My Recommendation:

I would always opt for an eyebrow pencil or mascara/gel when filling in my brows. This will create the most natural effect possible, adding that bit of definition but not making it glaringly obvious, that they aren’t your natural brows.

Alternatively, I would recommend eyebrow tinting. I recently went to get my brows and eyelashes tinted at Blink Brow Bar in London. By getting them tinted, you can add the definition you want and have the shade matched perfectly to your hair colour. If you’re interested in learning more about this, check out my article here.

1) Anastasia Beverly Hills: Tinted Brow Gel: Auburn


Available at: or Amazon



2) Charlotte Tilbury: Legendary Brows: Brigitte

Available at: or Amazon


3) NYX: Micro Brow Pencil: Auburn


Available at: or Amazon


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