A hospital in Thailand is offering a penis whitening service.

You can get your penis whitened for around £480  for 5 sessions, which will apparently, using lasers lighten the skin around your groin area – for reasons that, let’s be frank are a complete mystery.

Now men who are afraid that their penises seem a little too dark can now get it lightened after the clinic in Thailand started offering the service.

According to the Evening Standard, around 100 men have already sought out the help of the professionals.

The Lelux Hospital started offering the treatment following requests from would-be patients who found out that the same clinic was offering vagina whitening. Speaking to the BBC, spokesperson Popol Tansakul said, “Patients started to ask about penis whitening, and so we started the treatment a month later

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“They are popular among gay men and transvestites who take good care of their private parts. They want to look good in all areas,” he added.

The cost of the laser procedure is $650 (£480) for five sessions

Of course, the treatment does come with a warning – that some may be left unable to have sex or father children after the procedure.

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Again… why?

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