In a heated exchange between Perez and the entire house, he slams Michelle telling her that she does not represent him.

In an argument between Perez and Callum where he tells Calum “I said you were a good person, but that doesn’t mean I have to like you…I don’t care about you”, RuPaul’s Drag Race judge Michelle observes “’I don’t like you’ are not nice words to say to people.” Perez responds, that he doesn’t need friends in the House and admits that “in my universe” it’s all about him.

He went on to slam Michelle’s supportive stance of the LGBT community saying, “As a member of the LGBT community, you do not represent me”.

Michelle maintains that she would not want to represent him but will always be supportive of the LGBT community.

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Michelle Visage, who is a strong supporter of the LGBT community had said that Perez was setting back the gay community fifty years because of his behaviour in the house.


Last night during Big Brother’s Bit On Side, journalist and Buzzfeed LGBT editor Patrick Strudwick said that Perez was a stain on the gay community after drawing a parallel between his ostracisation from the group and being “diagnosed with AIDS in the early 80s”