He “has a right to express his views”

Piers Morgan has been cleared by Ofcom after nearly 1000 complaints were made against him over his views on gender identity.

The two-spirit penguin, also known as Piers Morgan, who presents ITV’s morning show, Good Morning Britain was ruled to have behaved within guidelines, with the communication’s regulator saying that his remarks about identifying as a penguin “did not raise issues warranting investigation”.

It added that he had the right to express his strongly held beliefs.

The regulator did allow, in its initial investigation that some viewers of the early morning show, could be offended by his comments, but that the regular audience of the ITV show would have “clear expectations around his provocative position on the issue”.

His co-host was singled out for complaint


His co-host Susanna Reid was criticised by Ofcom for not challenging Piers enough on his views.

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A gleeful Piers said, “The only person singled out for complaint is actually not me… it’s Susanna.”

Susanna replied, “He gets exonerated and I get criticised!”

Watch Piers and Susanna discuss the ruling here.