Ben Howlett has outlined how, post Brexit the UK could be seen as the “true bastion of equalities”, having been “held back” on various LGBT equalities by the European Union.


Speaking to THEGAYUK, the former MP for Bath, Ben Howlett has suggested that as part of the European Union, the UK might be “held back” on LGBT equality and education, particularly on transgender issues, and leaving the union could see Britain being a “true bastion of equalities” in the world.

In the interview, Ben Howlett, who was a Remain campaigner and one of Britain’s openly LGBT candidates for the general election said that European Parliament was lagging with LGBT equality, particular, transgender issues.


He said,

“I’ve had battles with colleagues in the European Parliament who are not necessarily on our side with LGBT, in particular transgender rights, issues.

“In some instances we’ve found we’ve been held back in favour of a more supranationalist approach towards equalities education.

“So potentially no longer will we be held back and we can actually be seen as a true bastion of equalities legislation for the rest of the world as we exit the European Union.”

Mr Howlett, was also a member of the women’s and equalities committee during his time as an MP. He told THEGAYUK’s Skylar Baker-Jordan, that the committee had called upon the Government to make sure “they embed, enshrine, and enhance our equalities legislation” whilst the UK negotiates its Brexit deal over the next two years.

As it stands, LGBT equality differs across member states in the EU. Same-sex marriage is permitted in less than half of the states and there are constitutional bans on gay marriage in six member states. Adoption is permitted in 13 of the 28 states and step-child adoption in permitted in 18 of 28 states.

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