What Have We Got?

In May, THEGAYUK was invited to the launch of the new VW T-Cross. A compact SUV corssover based on the Polo’s MQB platform. 

We were surprised to learn that there was to be no diesel available for this model. So it was a surprise that just 5 months later, a diesel option had been added to the T-Cross.

Has the addition of a diesel engine been worth the somewhat short wait and the extra £1675 asking price? We took one for a quick drive to find out.


VW have a great back catalogue with their diesel engines so I had high hopes for this T-Cross. Fitted with the 95PS 1.6 litre diesel engine, its lowdown grunt on paper looked appealing. It produces 250Nm of torque between a lowish 1500rpm to 2000rpm.

Sadly, on the road, it just didn’t transpire in the way I had hoped for. Compared to the similar outputs of the 1 litre petrol, the diesel engine made the youthful looking T-Cross feel a little flat. It had lost its brio of enthusiasm and I couldn’t get over that disappointment.

The chassis has great ability to carry itself well over various surfaces and the handling is more on the safe and predictable so but nonetheless, it is still worthy of piloting around with gusto. However, in having lost its jolly enthusiasm, there was little encouragement to enjoy the handling of the MQB platform in this guise.  


Inside, the T-Cross is the same as before. You wouldn’t expect any changes to be made this short in its production life and to be fair, there isn’t anything that needs changing. It is all useable stuff with rear sliding seat that alters the size of the boot or rear legroom.

Depending on spec, the dashboard and fascia can be jazzed up with colour making it a rather pleasant place to be.

The Verdict

I’m a fan of the diesel engine. There is still a place in the market for the manufacturing of them. Not so in the T-Cross. It would seem unless outright miles to the gallon are your thing, then this will fit the bill. 

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According to the WLTP combined figures, it’ll manage 52.8. A whole 7 more than the petrol. For those 7 miles you get a great car with lacklustre performance and I can’t see the benefit of that. It’s a saving of around 2 pence per mile. If I’m to be seen as less of a villain for not liking this car, I will say that the DSG gearbox is better suited to the diesel engine than the bigger petrol option. 

The Lowdown

Car –  Volkswagen T-Cross 1.6 TDi 95PS DSG

Price – £23,980 (as tested)

MPG – 52.8mpg (WLTP combined)

Power – 95PS

0-62mph –  11.9seconds

Top Speed –  112 mph

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Co2 – 140 (WLTP g/km)

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