London-based Drag Queen Vanilla Lush has passed away.

The singer, who had been battling cancer has passed away. Vanilla Lush, real name, Aalbert Martijn Smit was a former member of the drag super-band, the Supreme Fabulettes. The entertainer passed away last Thursday. He was 38.


He was born and raised in the Netherlands and began his drag career in Amsterdam. In the summer of 1999, he moved to London and became a Powder Puff Girl in Heaven nightclub.

Tributes from fans and friends have been pouring in on social media. Boy George took to Twitter to say, “Sad about the passing of Vanilla Lush ‘A trouper in high heels and a true character. R.I.P.”

London pub, Admiral Duncan also paid tribute saying, “Very sad to hear the loss of Vanilla Lush Rest in Peace and sleep tight sweet angel xxx Tonight we raise our glass. Condolence to the family”


Jason Reid, a columnist for QX magazine, took to Instagram to say, “Devastated to hear that Vanilla Lush (Aalbert Martijn Smit) has passed away.
I’ll never forget the experience of shooting this cover with him. It was a huge deal for the both of us, and I was so incredibly apprehensive, yet he couldn’t have been more kind and caring. That was just his nature. A beautiful person.”.

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