Do you remember how old you were when you lost your virginity?

Speaking exclusively with THEGAYUK, Big Brother’s Sam Giffen revealed that he can’t remember how old he was when he lost his virginity. He candidly told us, that he thinks it could have been 16 or 17, but he really doesn’t remember.

Jokingly the reality star, who appeared in this year’s Big Brother said,

” I have to be honest with you, I actually can’t remember. How bad is that? I honestly don’t remember. I think I must have been about 16… 16 or 17!”

What’s more, he doesn’t recall who he did it with. He has blanked out the experience that he can’t remember who or when it happened.

In a recent flash poll, readers of revealed that 29% of them lost their virginity before the age of 16, whilst 40 percent did the deed before the end of their teenage years aged between 16 and 19.  Twenty-seven percent said that they lost their virginity at an age between 20 and 30 years old. Four percent popped their cherry over the age of 30.

Sam remarked that he would change the experience if he could, saying,

“I’d want to remember it. I’d like to know when it was and probably who it was with!”


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