Camptastic group, Steps have revealed that they’ve always danced to the beat of their own (uncool) drum.

In an interview with Huffington Post today, Ian “H” Watkins joked that Steps, who managed to land an iTunes Number 1 with their new (rather marvellous) single, “Scared Of The Dark”, have never been “cool” or “relevant”.

We’d have to argue otherwise. In their 20 year existence, they’ve managed to rack up a whopping 15 top 20 singles with 13 of those reaching the top 5. That’s pretty darn cool to us.

When asked by HuffoPo what Steps brought they bring to today’s charts, they said,

Lisa: We’ve brought colour to the charts.

Faye: And a bit of drama.

Claire: I think everyone is so concerned with being cool – or relevant – these days.

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H: We’ve never been cool or relevant! (laughs).

Claire: Lots of stuff follows the same formula. There’s no diversity anymore. That’s probably why people like Adele and Ed Sheeran do so well because they’re not that.

Still not heard the song yet – check it out below. 

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