A new gay comedy is about to hit our screens, but instead of hiring gay actors to play gay roles, Ideal Home has comedy legend Steve Coogan partnered with Paul Rudd.

Living the high life and “playing as hard as they work” and described as “flamboyant” (because that’s what gay men in films are) Steve Coogan and his long-term director boyfriend Paul’s (Rudd) self-centred lives are turned upside down when Coogan’s estranged grandson, Bill (played by Jack Gore), unexpectedly turns up at their door, after his father is taken away to serve time in prison.

Oh no. You mean the gays are going to have to be responsible?

Oh, and you can’t unsee the scene where Coogan is being topped by Rudd.

We’ll leave the trailer here for you.

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Oh if you want to feel just a little bit more offended by this… here’s the poster

In cinemas from 6th July 2018