Because junk needs to breathe, y'all.

Steve Grand knows how to serve. Consistently.

The singer recently showed off his lockdown work out routine on his Instagram stories using nothing but some soda water bottles – and, of course, that all-important piece of gym equipment, the jockstrap.

As we’re all in lockdown right now, and all gym and fitness spaces have been shuttered by governments in order to “flatten the curve” of the spread of COVID-19, millions of us are trying to work out how to keep fit, especially as in some countries access to outside space has now been severely restricted.

Steve Grand, the singer turned underwear and swimwear designer has thought up a genius way to keep fit – and you don’t need anything but some bottles of liquid.

Practising safe social distancing, Steve appeared to be alone in his home as he worked out in front of his fans, doing multiple bicep curls with the bottles of soda water.

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The star said, “are you guys ready we’re doing some quarantine soda water arm curls for biceps today… and yes I’m in my charcoal grand axis jockstrap… that I designed”.

Ever thoughtful, Steve placed a mirror perfectly behind him so that his viewers could get a sneaky peak at his ass…ets.

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