Stonewall’s iconic GET OVER IT T-shirt design has now got another product line to offer the LGBT+ community.

“Some People Are Queer Get Over It” is now proudly displayed on one of Stonewall’s red (and black) t-shirts along with a whole host of other diverse gender and sexuality descriptions, but some people are not happy about the use of the word queer – particularly the older generations, some of whom find the term offensive.


Despite some calling for the word to be reclaimed others aren’t so sure about the idea.

Responding to a number of Tweets from Stonewall’s official account to advertise the T-shirts commentators decried the product calling it “vile” and a slur, while one commentator questioned whether Stonewall had consulted with the community before commissioning the T-shirt.


Social media user David said,

“How unfortunate that even Stonewall has swapped the word “gay” for “queer”. Yes, I know about the dubious reclaim theory but, for many older gay men, the word “queer” was a vile insult from childhood through teens, twenties and thirties. Sends a cold shiver down my spine.”

Whilst Gareth added,

Reclamation’s a myth. Q***r will always be slur. It’s divisive and not inclusive, even within the LGBT community. Time to stop using it.



However, some were very happy with the new t-shirt – calling the design “iconic”.


In a recent survey by, 60 percent said that the term queer was inappropriate as an umbrella term for LGBT people.

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The T-shirt is available from the Stonewall shop for £14.99


Advertisements reached out to Stonewall for comment.

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