Canadian cutie and former star of gothic gay soap opera Dante’s Cove, Charlie David talks to Domenico Sansalone about writing homoerotic paranormal short stories, S/M leather horse masks and hanging out with male strippers.


TGUK: All the best looking guys are Canadian! What was it like growing up in Saskatchewan, Canada?

CD: Cold! And I was the only gay Eskimo… well possibly not. I’ve heard of others coming out of the igloo lately but for a while there it was pretty lonely being the only one adorning my curvaceous snow bedroom walls with posters of Antonio Sabato Jr. rockin’ his Calvins.
TGUK: Where are you based now?

CD: I currently live in Montréal, Québec which has no shortage of gays. Unfortunately they also have no shortage of snow in winter.

TGUK: Did you always want to be an actor?

CD: Absolutely, I was always the family entertainer, story-teller, and living room turned dance hall choreographer. The producer began early in me as well. I always delegated one of my brothers or sisters to be ticket-taker.

TGUK: Tell us about your time working on LGBT horror series Dante’s Cove?

CD: There were a lot of ridiculously good looking people running around in underwear or swimsuits with a ridiculous amount of oil spread on their bodies while saying ridiculous nonsensical lines and trudging our way through only comprehensible if drunk plot lines. It was a gong show and I have no regrets.
TGUK: It has a cult following in the UK. Do you ever get over here for appearances?

CD: I’ve never been to the UK for appearances but often travel for pleasure. I’ve shopped, dined, drank and played football in London, Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast and Dublin. The rubber duck in my tub is from Harrod’s and the entrance mat to my house is the Union Jack. You could say I’m a bit of a Britophile. No don’t say that… it sounds dirty.

TGUK: Do you keep in touch with the rest of the cast?

CD: I’m very good friends with Jon Fleming, Nadine Heimann, Gregory Michael, Tracy Scoggins and Thea Gill. While I see Jonny regularly I chat with the others at least a few times a year to catch up.
TGUK: How did the writing thing happen?

CD: I’ve always really enjoyed writing – it’s therapeutic for me. I started in high school and it’s very much a hobby. I’ve written a few films, a play and three novels now. I’m not one of these actors who can just sit around. When I’m not working on camera on a show I’m producing, directing or writing. I’ve always found all elements of TV/Film fascinating.
TGUK: Tell us about you’re your homoerotic book of paranormal stories, Shadowlands?

CD: Based on my writing so far I’m most proud of Shadowlands. It’s honest, it was scary to write because I thought I was revealing myself too much but that’s also proven to be what my readers want. They want to know the real me and that includes my dark side.
TGUK: What was your favourite story to write and why?

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CD: The opening story Pygmalion Revisited still makes my heart ache when I read it. It’s tragic because the protagonist suffers the loss of his love not once but twice. I’m fascinated by the idea of a perfect love because our world was formed in polarity. Nothing is perfect forever and I guess I’m a bit intoxicated with the rollercoaster of it all.
TGUK: You seem drawn to the supernatural, would you say you have a dark side?

CD: Absolutely. We all do. It’s not that we’re either good or bad or dark or light. We’re human. It’s our nature to have shadowlands dwelling within us.

TGUK: Do you like Halloween?

CD: For sure!!
TGUK: What are you dressing up as this year?

CD: I had this S/M leather horse mask made for a film I’m directing and then didn’t end up using it. But I think I’ll be putting it to good use this Halloween. Not sure what to wear from the neck down though…
TGUK: Tell us something nobody knows about Charlie David?

CD: I’ve never been to an orgy but I’ve seen them on TV in this show Dante’s Cove.
TGUK: Most of our readers comment on how hot you are! Do you spend a lot of time at the gym?

CD: I’m changing my workout. Less weights, more yoga, more running. We seem to be at a place of glorifying steroid use in the gay community and I don’t think it’s healthy. I’m going for a natural, real look. I think my internal organs will thank me in the long run. 😉 And I happen to think bull balls look good on a man. Grapes belong in a fruit salad.
TGUK: We think it’s great that you not only act but you also direct documentaries. Tell us about your documentary Positive Youth?

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CD: Positive Youth follows the challenges, hopes, fears, stigma, and relationships of four HIV+ youth. When I read about the rapid rise in new transmissions in young people I wanted to know why this was happening and what we could do to put out a message of education and prevention.
TGUK: You also host a travel show called Bump. What’s been your favourite destination so far?

CD: I LOVE Africa. I spent six months in S. Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Botswana and was transformed by the wildlife, the people, and the spirit there. I’ve really never felt more alive than in my time in Africa.

TGUK: What’s your dream destination?

CD: I’m planning a backpacking trip through Colombia in January. I’ve never backpacked and never been to Colombia so it’s the next adventure.
TGUK: What upcoming projects do you have?

CD: I’m currently finishing a documentary film I directed titled I’m a Stripper. It’s essentially a real life Magic Mike. It will be out Spring 2013. I essentially follow my curiosity with my writing and directing. I make films with topics that interest me. I just had a burning desire to spend a few months with some beautiful naked men and decided to call it ‘work’.

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