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Chris Colfer

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Born: 27th May 1990, Clovis California, USA

Best Known For: Playing Kurt Hummel in smash hit television series Glee.

Actor, singer, author, model and producer, Chris Colfer can do just about anything. Best known for his role as the gay kid in Glee, Colfer lives with his boyfriend in Los Angeles.

Cheyenne Jackson

Born: 12th July 1975, Spolane, Washington, USA.

Best Known For: his role in United 93.

Came out in 2008 during an interview with The Advocate.

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Cheyenne’s rugged good looks have won him a legion of fans. His most notable film was the blockbuster United 93, which detailed the tragic events on September 11th 2001, when flight 93, along with 3 other jet liners were hijacked and used as weapons against the US homeland. Cheyenne is also an accomplished singer and Broadway star, having released two albums. He also stars in Love Is Strange in 2014.



Charlie David

Born: 9th August 1980, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

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Best Known For: His sexy role in gay horror series: Dante’s Cove.

Since his role on the series Dante’s Cove Charlie has become a film producer and director including titles such as I’m A Porn Star and I’m A Stripper. In 2012 TheGayUK interviewed Charlie along with Elvira The Mistress Of Darkness for their Halloween Special edition.

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