Back in 2006- Podcasting was a brand new venture. It promised hours and hours of free content. You no longer had to stick to the radio schedules and everybody suddenly had the chance to become an internet radio presenter.

Dan Savage started the Savage Lovecast in 2006 and it has become one of the most successful independent podcasts in the world. It all started from his column Savage Love at The Stranger.

Dan and his team have answered thousands of calls about love, life but mostly sex. Nothing is too taboo. No topic is off the table.

Listeners phone in from all over the world to relay their problems and Dan with his encyclopaedic knowledge endeavours to answer them in the most honest way. It makes for addictive, guilty listening.

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Well worth the listen.


The show now comes in two formats the micro – which is 40 minutes long and comes with a few adverts, the second is the MAGNUM, ad-free and twice as long – more calls and more guests. You can get the micro version iTunes completely free.