Marine Le Pen

France’s far-right presidential hopeful, Marine Le Pen says she’ll end gay marriage in a quiet pledge buried pages deep into Manifesto.

Marine Le Pen
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Marine Le Pen has pledged that she’ll end same-sex marriage retroactively should she become France’s next president. The far-right politician, who heads the National Front is proposing to revert the law back to the 2013 system which only extended civil partnership to gay couples.

She writes,

Créer une union civile (PACS amélioré) qui viendra remplacer les dispositions de la loi Taubira, sans e et rétroactif.

Translation: To create a civil union (PACS ameliore) which will replace the provisions of the Taubira law without retroactive effect (thanks to @Hamfan4)


The pledge was buried deep within her manifesto at number 87. There were 144 pledges.

It seems she is proposing a change to the law that would not affect same-sex couple who are already married, but would be retroactive, meaning that there would be no new marriage licenses issued for gay couples. They would be offered civil partnerships instead according to legal experts.




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France was the 14th nation to legalised same-sex marriage in 2013. In the vote, 331 members of parliament voted in favour while 225 voted against it. Following the law changed hundreds of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in Paris against the new law.

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