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The Barking Murders: When does the drama about the Grindr killings air?

The BBC has announced that filming for a documentary drama about the infamous Grindr murders is about to start production, but when does it air in the UK?

When does the barking murders about the Grindr killings air?
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The BBC announced that a documentary drama about the infamous Grindr Killer, Stephen Port is due to start filming in Spring 2019. The series has been given the working title, The Barking Murders. The programme will be made by ITV Studios for the broadcaster.

There will be three, hour-long programmes which will be broadcast on the BBC and will be directed by David Blair and produced by Serena Cullen with Jeff Pope executive producing.

The show will star Stephen Merchant and Sheridan Smith.


The programme will be available in the US where it is being co-produced by BritBox.

When will The Barking Murders be available to watch?


So the BBC haven’t confirmed the broadcast date yet, but we expect the filming and editing process to take a number of months, so we’d expect to see a broadcast or stream date of late 2019 or early 2020.

Where will I be able to watch The Barking Murders?

In the UK the shows will be broadcast on the BBC’s flagship channel, BBC One, but will most likely be available to stream on the BBC’s iPlayer. In the US the show will be able on BritBox.

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