Penis activist wants young American fans of Harry Styles to know that he has a foreskin.

Glen Callender is a foreskin crusader and he’s on a mission to ensure that our foreskins stay intact. Speaking about his mission and specifically about One Directions’ Harry Styles he said to Noisey Canada

“I think it’s important from a cultural point of view that we make it known and educate that Styles has an uncircumcised penis,”


“We have a lot of North American girls who are being conditioned from their respective cultures to say that foreskin is yucky and they don’t even understand that they young beautiful men they idolize have their penises intact.”

Callender sees it his mission to stop the forced circumcision the world over.

Callender who created the Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project also has a Pride, called, Foreskin Pride.



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”The foreskin is a pleasure organ, it makes people happy, and that’s what the world should be like.” Callender told Noisey Canada.

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