Due to the coronavirus lockdown, Netflix has seen an unprecedented surge in streaming activity and the documentary series Tiger King, starring Joe Exotic has been the undeniable breakout hit of quarantine.

The lockdown has also meant that it’s near impossible to get a haircut, which is why, the mullet, like the one that Joe sports, could be seeing a resurgence, according to one hair brand, Fudge Urban.

According to the brand, history could be repeating itself as many guys will be forced to cut their own hair or get their partners or housemates to get the scissors out.

A statement from the brand said,

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“Having previously been one of the most iconic men’s hairstyles back in the 80s, the mullet’s short on the top and long at the back style has had its fair share of jokes. 

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“The fresh and modern mullet means you don’t need a head full of long hair. With its new even shorter length at the top, this modern-day spin on this vintage style is stylish and sharp. As seen on the runway by Gucci and YSL, it’s high fashion with many celebrities sporting the new look”.

So how do you feel about growing a mullet? We’re not so sure.