★★★★ | Naked Boys Reading

If you happen to be in Hackney or even if you’re not, we cant recommend Naked Boys Reading at Vogue Fabrics enough…

In a dark, overcrowded, underground steamy room in North London something quite spectacular is happening. Fortnightly, certain men are getting naked, very naked – and not in a dark, overcrowded, underground steamy kind of way. No there are no glory holes here, but literature, glorious literature delivered in an unusual way, naked.

Now naked reading is usually reserved for the bedroom, under the covers and there isn’t normally an audience; but the team at Vogue Fabrics have cottoned on to a winner here.

Naked men. Reading. What’s not to like, and although the shabby, non-descript entrance to Vogue Fabrics might seem daunting, once you’ve got one of their bargain beers (there’s no choice of brand here, just glorious cans of beer) down your gullet and your eyes have adjusted to the light, you begin to realise that you are in fact, somewhere very special.

It’s like stumbling on the hottest ticket in town, where just you and this room of eagerly expectant patrons are waiting, with baited breath for nakedness – and the show doesn’t disappoint.

And you certainly get an eyeful.

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With the front row literally in cupping distance, you are close to the action.

Some of the readings are a bit hit or miss, but the overall experience is just exciting. A complete hit and judging by the smiling blushing faces, emerging, squinting into the early evening sunset onto the busy, bustling, cosmopolitan streets of Stoky you know they’ve had more than an eyeful.

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With Sharon Husbands your inimitable host, with lines to crack even the sternest of faces, Naked Boys Reading is our absolute must.

About the author: Jake Hook
The editor and chief of THEGAYUK. All in a previous life wrote and produced songs on multi-platinum records.