The march is to take place tomorrow in London.

On the 19th October, there will be a march against a no-deal Brexit, as organisers of the LGBT+ for People’s Vote believe that the Brexit plans currently offered by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, “poses risks to the LGBT+ community”. The LGBT+ for PV rally is in conjunction with the People’s Vote campaign.

A spokesperson for the LGBT+ for PV said, “LGBT+ people need to join the march because LGBT+ people are one of the communities that will be most impacted by Boris’ Brexit.


“The voting records and views towards the LGBT+ community from Johnson and his cabinet give no reassurance that Brexit will protect the LGBT+ community.

“That’s why it’s important to support a People’s Vote and make your voice heard tomorrow.” Lauren Pemberton-Nelson, Campaign Manager, LGBT+ for a People’s Vote. 

Tomorrow from 10:30 AM


The LGBT+ rally, which will set off from in front of the Bomber Command Memorial in London, 10:30 AM, is due to take place just 12 days before Brexit is set to happen.

According to the group around 72 percent of LGBT+ people back a people’s vote.

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THEGAYUK‘s own research from 2016 revealed that 82 per cent of its readers believed the UK to be better off remaining in the EU.

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