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We all know about condoms, right? Well, what counts as safer sex in the COVID pandemic?

With hundreds of new confirmed cases of COVID-19 still being diagnosed in the UK, it’s not advised to have sex with anyone, but, you know it’s still going to happen, so how can you reduce your risk of infection, if you decide to hook up with someone?

Well, it’s pretty simple in reality. Wearing a face mask and not kissing, are just two things you can do, which will eliminate some of the risks, and just sex is thought to be safer than kissing. But, please don’t mistake, you are still at risk.

Two ways of reducing your COVID-19 risk

Matthew Hodson, the Executive Director of AIDSMAP, recently tweeted this advice, “Ways to reduce risk of getting #COVID19 during sex include: Wear a mask. Have sex by yourself.

Meanwhile, in the US, Doctor Demetre Daskalakis said that having sex in a mask was a “great strategy” in reducing the risk of passing on the Coronavirus. He also suggested that you could also try creating physical barriers which prevent face to face interaction but still allows sexual contact.

So, gloryholes it is people!

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Speaking on 60 Minutes Doctor Demetre said, “the most efficient mechanism for transmitting COVID-19 is through droplets. So, if you’re going to pant and have heavy breathing, throw on a mask. It’s called ‘source control’.

“We’re still not going to give you a big green light for kissing. I wish I could. That’s probably a higher risk of exposure than sex.”

Is COVID-19 sexual transmitted?

There is some data that shows that coronavirus is present in semen, and earlier on in the pandemic, it was thought that it could also be transmitted through rimming. However, more research needs to take place.

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It’s not been found in vaginal secretions or fluids.

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