TODAY IN GAY HISTORY | John Barrowman kisses a man during the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony

Considering that homosexuality is banned in the majority of Commonwealth nations John Barrowman‘s gay kiss certainly raised a few eyebrows back in 2014.

During a live performance in Scotland for the opening ceremony of the 2014 Commonwealth Games, actor and singer John Barrowman grabs a dancer in a kilt and kisses him in front of millions of viewers around the world.

Although the kiss is brief, it’s a pivotal moment, as it’s never been done before during the opening ceremony, which has a global audience of millions. At the time 40 of 53 nations in the Commonwealth have laws against homosexuality. There are still around 35 countries where same-sex relationships are illegal.

The kiss mirrored a number of other same-sex kisses that have happened during a live TV broadcast. In 2012, the Eurovision showed two same-sex kisses during its live broadcast, and during the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony, the first lesbian kiss ever on a British soap was replayed.

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The Barrowman 2014 kiss causes quite an uproar on social media, dividing viewers on whether the action was appropriate.

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Watch the moment John kisses a dancer here.

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