Queer As Folk
Apparently, there's going to be a reboot of one the most iconic gay shows in history and the creator Russell T. Davies is on board.

Apparently, there’s going to be a reboot of one the most iconic gay shows in history and the creator Russell T. Davies is on board.

Queer As Folk
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Queer As Folk shocked and pleasured in equal measure in the late 90s and it seems as though TV company Bravo is looking to reboot the show. The creator Russell T. Davies is said to be serving as an exec producer for the show while Canadian screenwriter and director Stephen Dunn will be writing new episodes.

It’s unclear at this time whether the original cast will be involved however Variety is suggesting that the show will focus on new characters and in a different setting.

In the early noughties, there was an American / Canadian version of the show, which saw a staggering 83 episodes produced. It was applauded for tackling a variety of hard-hitting issues facing the LGBT+ community and developed the original characters further.

As Variety notes, “The original Queer as Folk ran for 10 episodes between 1999 and 2000 in the UK. It starred Aidan Gillen, Charlie Hunnam, and Craig Kelly as three gay men living in Manchester. A North American remake was then launched in 2000 on the Canadian cable channel Showcase and the American channel Showtime. That series, set in Pittsburgh, ran for five seasons and starred Gale Harold, Randy Harrison, Hal Sparks, Peter Paige, and Scott Lowell”.

A new live show for 2019

The first cast member for the original UK version of QAF has been announced for the 20th-anniversary celebration of the show’s first airing.

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Actor Craig Kelly has been announced as the first Queer as Folk cast member joining the glittering line up for the show’s 20th birthday live music extravaganza.

Kelly, who played loyal, loveable supermarket manager Vince Tyler in the hit series, will take centre stage at the 2019 anniversary event but is staying tight-lipped about exactly what his role entails.

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Craig said, “I’m delighted to be part of the Queer as Folk live event, I can’t believe it has been 20 years since Vince strutted down Canal street. I’m looking forward to sharing in the music, magical moments and surprises of what promises to be the ultimate birthday party befitting Vince, Stuart, Nathan and ‘mum’ Hazel, as she was always in on the act!”


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