After labelling a Pride train, ‘Virtue Signalling’ Piers Morgan said that he was a “long-time vocal supporter of gay rights” except, history proves that this isn’t necessarily the case.

Morgan was called out by the Royal Vauxhall Tavern’s Twitter page after he labelled a train, which was decorated in Pride colours, the “Virtue Signalling Express” and asked “Why” when the train was unveiled.


The RVT Twitter page wrote, “The thing is, Piers, when you tweet stuff like this your followers then feel emboldened to openly attack LGBTQ+ people in the replies and in the street. Yet you stay silent. Your silence speaks volumes.”

Piers wrote that he thought the train was ridiculous

Piers Morgan replied, that it was “it’s perfectly possible to be a long-time vocal supporter of gay rights – like me – AND think a gay train is ridiculous.”


However, the RVT was quick to reply with a newspaper article which was was printed by The Sun in 1989. In the article, it appears that Piers calls the two gay characters on Eastenders, “Yuppie Poofs”.


Further on in the article, readers were invited to ring in on the question “Do you think TV should show scenes of men kissing each other?

The article was in relation to the first-ever gay kiss on the BBC soap, which was groundbreaking at the time.

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Lord Cashman, who starred in that Eastender‘s scene, also commented on Piers’ history as a journalist, saying, “Just look at his history as a journalist and the coverage of gay issues in the late 80s. He is a fair-weather ‘friend’, and as the weather turns so friends reveal themselves!”


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