The Satisfyer Men Wand is probably the only bedroom toy you’ll ever need.

With 35 vibration settings, your little Mr will thank you, over and over and over again.

When it comes to sex toys for men they usually require a bit of preparation and a lot of faff, which is probably why most men just make use of just one piece of equipment – their hands.

If it’s an up the butt toy, you need to get all prepped – unless you’re happy with a poopy toy, even then you have to make sure the toy is thoroughly hygienically cleansed afterwards. If it’s a masturbator, like the Fleshlight you have to clean in and out after every use – or you could find it moulding from the inside out – yuck.

The Satifyer Men Wand couldn’t be more simple and easy to use. What’s more thanks to its design, function and usability it might be the only cock toy you’ll ever need.

After making sure your wand is fully charged (it charges with a USB connector) simply slip your D into the slot at the end and let the vibrations take you to climatic bliss.

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You can hold it many ways – as long as the head of your dick is in contact with the vibration “wings” – you’ll have hours of fun – actually probably only a few minutes because it’s so darn arousing.

And because there’s no friction caused by rubbing or thrusting you can use it over and over again – without any penile soreness, redness or ache. Win-win-win.

Satisfyer has a long history of creating weird and wonderful looking sex toys and the Satisfyer Men Wand sits up there with the best.

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We’re giving it a solid five stars.

Check it out from THEGAYSHOP or check out the Satisfyer Store.

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