Have you received a message from a really cute guy – only to be asked to sign to a verification service?

Be warned – it could well be a scam.


Some guys on Grindr are being asked to visit a website called IPHSID.com in order to verify their identity. The site claims to be the only “website that links public state, territorial, and tribal sex offender registries from one national search site” however, there’s no evidence to back this up – what’s more if you want to join the register you have to pay – $1 for a month or $39 for a lifetime membership.

How does it happen

Well, out of nowhere a guy – with a super hot picture slides into your DMs – and says something like “Hey dude, how are you? Into kissing, cuddling, rimming, 69 – 8 inches open for anything, what are you looking for?” which is followed up by a topless picture and a dick pic.

After you reply – a seemingly standard reply is sent, “nice, that’s great, I’m down to hook ups. I can do travel or host. BTW do you have IPHSID – I will meet you if you already had it”


And then he sends another hot pic.

Then an explanation about IPHSID “Let me explain it to you. It is an IPHS identifying and preventing harassment system to protect, lesbian gay bi-discreet trans in meetup. This is the safe way to check you’re LGBT sex-offender. There’s nothing wrong if we talk about our safeiness [sic] right?

And then a picture of the same dude with a badly busied and cut face, to show that he’s been a victim of an attack.


“I’m not saying you’re one of a [sic] bad guy I just want you (to) get a IPHSID so we can know that we are both safe to meet up – can I sent [sic] you a link if it’s okay?”

The guy then sends a picture of his “profile” and tells you that the $1 will be donated automatically to an “LGBT harassment victim”

1% Trust rating


According to ScamDoc, the site has a 1% trust score – which is very very bad.


But just taking a look around the site you’ll notice that there’s no evidence or links to any of the partnerships they say they work with.

It even uses a Gmail account for contact – not a branded one. Sounds kinda phishy right?

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If you need any other reasons not to 100% trust this, its links to social media have nothing to do with the site – the Twitter one goes to an account that hasn’t been used since 2017, the Facebook link goes to Facebook’s own LGBT+ page, the Insta goes to news-brand LGBTQNation and the YouTube links to a SoulPancake video.

Dodgy? We’d say so.

THEGAYUK.com reached out to IPHSID for comment and guess what – the email bounced right back.

Our Advice

If someone asks you for money or links away from Grindr to another site which asks for personal details – don’t. Instead, use our safety guidelines on how to have safer dating hookups.

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