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What does it mean if someone is “sliding into DMs” and is it a welcome thing?

Maybe it’s a phrase you’ve seen creeping up from time to time and you’re wondering what it means, well simply put, it’s when a guy (or gal – or neither, gender doesn’t have to be binary) sends you a direct message that’s the DM part. It’s usually via social media rather than a WhatsApp or Text message, or even on a dating app.

Sending messages via Twitter, Instagram, Snap or via dating app messaging can let people you don’t know personally send private messages to you, without having to know your digits.

The key to sliding into anyone’s DMs is that it’s unexpected and hopefully wanted. Sliding into someone’s DMs when its not wanted is super stalkery and should be avoided at all costs.

Or sliding into someone’s DMS after you’ve ghosted them along time ago is really uncool, in fact it makes you a Zombie.

So why is “sliding into DMs” a thing?

Well, for one thing, it’s an opportunity for someone to get in contact with a person they like the look of without having to meet them in person or have their private info.

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sliding into DMs shows a level of confidence
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The “sliding” part also denotes a certain kind of confidence, which for many people is a real turn on.

But you only really have a limited time for your DM to make its mark, so if you’re planning on sliding into DMs don’t waste it by simply writing “hey” be creative.

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Sexpert Jack Devon told us, “Sliding into anyone’s DMs is always a risk… it may be unwanted but it also may be entirely welcomed. The trick is to read the situation, which again can be super tricky in an online scenario. However, if your DM is answered, plot out the journey of the conversation, if the goal is to eventually meet with the person, make sure you’re both compatible up front by asking lots of thoughtful questions – without appearing to be a stalker. If you do meet up make sure you check out these safety tips“.

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