Calls have been made to throw law breaking Kentucky clerk, Kim Davis, who has refused to give a gay couple a marriage license, in jail.

Writing in an article for New Republic, Brian Beutler called for the jailing of Kim Davis, the woman who has twice denied a gay couple a marriage license, despite a High Court ruling that she must.

He warned against any other punishment such as fines as any “attempt to force her hand risks making her a bigger martyr than she already is on the religious right”, and would see her likely “reap a windfall” from a crowdsourcing site campaign, much like the Sweet Cake bakers and Memories Pizza owners. Memories Pizza eventually collected over $800,000 in donations.


Due to her religious beliefs Kim Davis, 49, who is on her fourth marriage, is refusing to hand out a marriage license to a gay couple, even though there is a federal court order for her to do so.

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She appealed the order to the Supreme Court of the United States requesting that her religious freedoms should exclude her from doing that part of her job. However, the court refused her request.

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