Day: 2 September 2015

  • Throw Kim Davis, Gay Rights Denying Kentucky Clerk Into Jail

    Calls have been made to throw law breaking Kentucky clerk, Kim Davis, who has refused to give a gay couple a marriage license, in jail. Writing in an article for New Republic, Brian Beutler called for the jailing of Kim Davis, the woman who has twice denied a gay couple a marriage license, despite a […]

  • THEATRE REVIEW | F*cking Men

    I was all set in my mind to hate this; I imagined it being hammy, awkward and amateur. It was, after all, a play about gay sex lives to be performed in the back of a pub. I had images in my mind of either uncomfortable soft-core porn or over-pretentious dramatics involving a man in […]

  • The Top 10 Healthy Foods And Drinks You Need In Your Fridge

    The market has gone mad for health orientated consumer products, but it’s so often that on closer inspection the product is not designed with our optimum health in mind. The other day I was inspecting a snack bar which had the word “Nature” in it. It’s second highest ingredient was sugar (and not from natural […]

  • London Sex Health Clinic Accidentally Publishes Email Addresses Of Patients

    Around 780 HIV patients from the sexual health clinic, 56 Dean Street, have had their personal details disclosed in an email sent in an “administrative error” The personal email addresses of around 780 patients at London’s busiest sexual health clinic have been leaked via an email. A newsletter was sent to HIV patients of the […]

  • This Women In The US Thinks She Is Above The Law

    It didn’t take long, but one woman has decided that America’s marriage equality laws don’t apply to her. The US made a huge step forward this year in equality for same-sex couples when it legalised gay marriage, however, one clerk in Kentucky, who is apparently on her fourth marriage, has decided that the law doesn’t […]

  • ADVICE | He Has HIV, Should I Call It Off?

    This week, sexual health expert Jose Perez de la Cruz, answers a reader’s question about a potential new boyfriend, who is HIV positive and is worried about having a sexual relationship with him. Hey there, I’ve met a really cute guy recently at a bar and we made out and he’s incredibly sexy and we […]

  • BOOK REVIEW | Expose

    Exposé is a triumph for first-time novelist Paul Ilett. Welcome to the world of news media, particularly the murky world of the tabloid: celebrity reporting, the relentless stalking of VIPS, undermining of governments and exposing political hypocrisy are all just a part of a another hum-drum day at the office activity. This is a world […]

  • WATCH Eddie Redmayne Transform For His New Film Danish Girl

    Hollywood star Eddie Redmayne looks amazing in the brand new trailer that has been released for his forthcoming film Danish Girl.   Set in the 1920s and based on a true story, the movie is a love story about how Einar’s artist wife Gerda Waud persuaded Einar to pose for her in women’s clothes after […]

  • First English Pro Rugby Player Has Come Out As Gay

    Pro rugby player Sam Stanley has come out as gay. Sam Stanley, 23, has become the first English pro rugby union player to come out as gay. His announcement follows Keegan Hirst’s coming out, which happened just a few weeks ago. Speaking to the Sunday Times, Stanley said, “I was 10 or 11 when I […]

  • Kay Burley Slammed For Calling Sexual Health Clinic “AIDS Clinic”

    Sky News’s Kay Burley has been criticised for calling 56 Dean Street, an “AIDS Clinic” Kay Burley has come under fire for calling 56 Dean Street, the NHS sexual health clinic, currently under fire for an email data breach, an “AIDS clinic.” 56 Dean Street is a sexual health clinic which is predominantly aimed at […]