Joe Exotic, the star of the Netflix hit Tiger King has been quarantined over concerns about COVID-19.

As the world enters lockdown over the spread of the coronavirus, inmates in the world’s prison system also find themselves doubly locked down and isolated.

The move to further lock down Joe apparently came after his move to the Federal Medical Center in Fort Worth.

On the 31st of March, his Twitter feed suddenly came alive after two years of being dormant. The account, which is still unverified, but it is the username featured in the Netflix documentary series, a Tweet read,

“Joe is still in quarantine due to COVID 19 with his move to the Fort Worth FMC. More to come on that front. In the meantime, Joe is overwhelmed with appreciation and the love from all his supporters”.

A further tweet sent on the 1st of April, a Tweet confirmed,

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“Joe is still in quarantine. Pray for everyone who has this illness and that you all recover soon. Pray for all the souls we have lost in the world due to this. Joe sends his love and thanks. He will soon be back to answer you all soon”.

Then yesterday, word came that Joe was due to be released from quarantine in just two days. A Tweet read, “Can’t wait to see all the tweets. Thanks for all the love and support. #FreeJoeExotic”

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Tiger King, Murder, Mayhem and Madness is now streaming on Netflix.

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