Fans have started to urge the former X Factor star to start an Onlyfans site.

Bradley Hunt, known for being one half of the controversial X Factor duo, Bratavio, has just uploaded a stunning series of photos which show an epic body makeover, which he says has helped him with stress relief.

In the post to his 17,100 followers, the star wrote, “I joined the gym about a year ago for stress release and to try and gain muscle and I’m happy with the results so far.”

In a number of sultry snaps, the singer, who wowed us with his version of Snow Patrol’s “Run” last year, showcased his toned body and it certainly got his fans thirsty.

One excitable fan demanded that Bradley start his only OnlyFans account while another announced that he was a “future husband”.

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Another fan commented, “You could be on the cover of men’s fitness”.

Well done Bradley, keep it up!