With more children being born and adopted by same-sex couples the top 30 parenting challenges have been revealed.

Challenges faced by parents are universal from being able to afford everything for your child, a lack of sleep to getting children to eat what you put in front of them.

Researchers from a new study have found nine in ten parents feel they face a series of challenges to bring up their children every day with having enough money at the top of the list.

Dealing with tantrums, encouraging children to work hard at school and do their homework and even getting them up in the mornings also rank highly.

Other hectic events mums and dads face include coping when a child is ill, giving your child what they want without spoiling them and going shopping with the kids in tow.

A spokeswoman for RESCUE REMEDY, which commissioned the research said, ‘’Everyone faces some challenges in their day-to-day lives, but for parents, these can be more difficult than most.

‘’As well as looking after yourself and making sure your day goes to plan, you also have to worry about everything your children do, or perhaps don’t do.

‘’Everything from getting them out of bed and to school on time, right though to making sure they eat the right foods and go to sleep at a decent time and without too much drama can make the average day frantic enough.

‘’But throw in the challenges which are always there, like money worries or whether you are doing the right thing in the way you bring up your children can mean many parents are often strained or tense.”

The study of 2,000 parents found having enough money to afford everything that their child asks for is the biggest challenge faced on a daily basis, followed by dealing with a lack of sleep, having patience and encouraging their children to eat their meals.

Dealing with an ill child came fifth in the poll.

Keeping on top of the chores, encouraging children to do their homework and work hard at school, dealing with tantrums and getting children out of bed completed the top ten. Other challenges on the list include coping with sibling rivalry, knowing how to answer all of their probing questions and toilet training.

Childcare features heavily among the list, with finding and juggling childcare as well as trying to work around an ill child in the top 20.

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Other trials faced by parents include managing the school run, getting small children to sleep through the night and dealing with other competitive parents.

Researchers also found 83 per cent of parents feel they experience something challenging about being a parent every single day.

And eight in ten admit being a parent is more challenging than they thought it would be, with another 81 per cent believing it’s only going to get more difficult as their children get older.

But while one in twenty say the newborn and baby stage was the most challenging for them as a parent, a staggering 66 per cent say it’s the teenage years which they found most trying.

As a result of the daily trials and tribulations parents face, 87 per cent have days where they feel there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything they need done.

And almost nine in ten have days where they feel under pressure or strained as they try to juggle everything in their lives.

Despite 88 per cent wishing they had more time to relax a little, the average parent gets just five-and-a-half hours a week – less than an hour a day – to unwind.

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One in twenty even claims they feel they never get time to truly relax.

A spokeswoman for RESCUE REMEDY added, “The research revealed an alarming nine out of ten parents face a series of challenges bringing up their child every day.

“Parents have so many roles and responsibilities to juggle and need to feel that they can accomplish all of these, without the underlying feeling that these can at times be too much to handle.

“RESCUE is trying to encourage parents to stop and take a moment out of their busy day with RESCUE REMEDY by their side.”

Top 30 parenting challenges

  1. Being able to afford everything your child needs or wants

  2. Dealing with a lack of sleep

  3. Having patience

  4. Encouraging your child to eat their meals

  5. Dealing with an ill child

  6. Keeping on top of the household chores

  7. Encouraging your children to do all their homework

  8. Encouraging your child to work hard at school

  9. Tantrums

  10. Getting children up in the mornings

  11. Giving your child what they want without spoiling them

  12. Worries about whether you are doing the right thing

  13. Getting your child to eat fruit/veg

  14. Going shopping with children in tow

  15. Getting your child to clean their teeth properly, twice a day

  16. Getting time off work when your children are ill

  17. Encouraging your child to stay in bed at night

  18. Sibling rivalry

  19. Knowing the answer to all of your children’s questions

  20. Finding/juggling childcare

  21. Getting your child dressed in the morning

  22. Getting your baby/child to sleep at night

  23. Getting to work on time after the school run

  24. Getting your children to school on time

  25. Stopping your children from swearing or using bad language

  26. Getting your baby/child to sleep through the night

  27. Toilet training

  28. Tackling bullying

  29. Other competitive parent

  30. Trying to keep your children from spending too much time in front of a computer/TV screens

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