Alec Baldwin.

The actor took to Twitter to make a seemingly anti-gay slur towards the New York Daily News Editor in Chief British-born Colin Myler.

“Her Highness Colin Myler… Please don’t do to the News what you did to NOTW…,”

Baldwin tweeted, just after taking to the microblogging site to write:

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“Ever since that English Queen took over the Daily News, they lie like the Post…”

It’s not the first time that Baldwin has been under fire for anti gay language. In the 1990s, during a protest in New York City, he allegedly referred to a horse-drawn-carriage driver as a “fagg*t.” and last year he ridiculed Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), Tweeting:

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“We need to have Inhofe retire to a solar-powered gay bar.”

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