Another day, another snub from America’s number 1.


President Donald Trump’s claim of being a better ally to the “gay community” is fast unravelling after failing to recognise yesterday’s National Coming Out Day. This is in stark contrast to the former President, Obama, who used social media to send a message of solidarity during his time in office.

This is just one of his failures to support or recognise LGBT people since coming into office in January 2017.

Trump didn’t mention the day at all – an echo of his failure to recognise LGBT+ Pride Month in June earlier this year, instead opted to make the month about: National Caribbean-American Heritage, African-American Music Appreciation, National Oceans, National Home Ownership, Father’s Day and National Flag week.

June had been LGBT Pride month for the past 8 years.

National Coming Out Day is an annual event, which takes place on the 11th October to celebrate and spread awareness of the process and experiences faced by LGBT+ people. The first one was celebrated in 1988.

So instead of reminding his 40 million followers on Twitter about the day, his took the opportunity to call out NBC for “fake news” and seemingly challenged their right to a broadcasting license. He also slammed NFL players who chose not to stand during the American National Anthem – a protest undertaken by many players to protest police brutality towards BAMEs.

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The #NationalComingOutDay trended on Twitter all day and had over 500,000 tweets using the hashtag.