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If you’ve had enough of Grindr there’s always Scruff…

Scruff is the other big gay hook up app and it is one of the more highly rated of all the big names according to our research. However, an interesting feature, which you might not know about actually gives a pretty insightful look at who your perfect guy is, even if you’re not actually sure who he is.

So, I was looking at the “Insights” section on my own profile. You get there by clicking on your own photo and scrolling down until you see the “Insights” button.

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Usually, Insights is a paid-for feature for other profiles, but it’s free to see your own insight and it has to be said I love a bit of ANALytics. See what I did there? #SorryNotSorry.

What is Insights on Scruff?

It gives you a rundown of who you respond to and how often you do it which when you check out their charts can be quite interesting.

It shows you how often you respond to messages and the breaks that down by the community you most often answer, their age bracket and interestingly their body hair.

Your eyes tell a different story to your heart

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You see, subconsciously you may be answering more messages from certain types of guys without even knowing it.

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Is scruff better than grindr

So apparently, if you hit me up on Scruff, you’re most likely going to get an answer if you’re from the Geek Community (apparently I answer them 40% of the time) If you’re 26-35 (I answer those guys 60% of the time) and if you’re hairy (67%).

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Weirdly, if you ask me what my type was I’d say maybe Ryan Phillipe circa 2001 or Jeffrey Bowyer Chapman or even Sir Patrick Stewart, but actually, my eyes and my ding dong clearly answer the mating call to geeky, hairy 30-somethings. Go them – actually, go me!

Download Scruff for your phone here

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