The writing is on the walls it seems for the remaining contestants on this year’s X Factor as we delve in to the fully accredited and scientifically backed up ‘Twitter Winning And Theoretical Service’ (TWATS)… (it doesn’t exist).

It was almost a certainty that Melanie Masson was going to be the casualty of Sunday night’s X Factor results show – and the TWATS numbers back it up.

Taking a look at her Twitter stats, we discover that she was by far the most unpopular contestant of this, the tenth series of the UK’s biggest singing competition with a mere 30,500 followers, and Carolynne Poole who was voted off the previous week only had under 60,000 Twitter lovers at the time of her booting.

Using this science we predict that if MK1, Christopher Maloney or Jade Ellis should find themselves in deadlock (which seems to be the way the judges are taking it at the moment) they may well face the chop with just 42,556, 51,459 and 80,955 followers respectively.

Betting giant William Hill put that Jade Ellis’s odds of winning at 10/1. However her ‘On The Ground’ support, her fans, just don’t seem to reflect the bookies mood.
If the number of followers on Twitter is any reflection on the proportion of real life fans then it should be easy to predict the outcome. Unsurprisingly the bookies’ favourites to win are in the top 3, with Union J topping the list with Lucy and Ella trailing a close 2nd and 3rd.
So based on Twitter here’s our prediction for the over all winner of the 2012 X Factor

Union J 288,626

Lucy Spraggan 268 276

Ella Henderson 221 799

James MacArthur 220, 679

Rylan Clark 174 363

Jahmene Douglas 124,490

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District 3 123, 503

Kye Sones 114,165

Jade Ellis 80,995

Christopher Maloney 51,456

MK1 42, 556

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Already Eliminated.

Carolynne Poole 104,716 (her numbers at the time were around the 60,000 mark)

Melanie Masson 30,500

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